Fleet Washing by Exterior Surface Cleaning

Fleet Washing

 You expect your fleet to stand out – in the fast lane and in the parking lot. Exterior Surface Cleaning can help. Our professional fleet washing solution brings curb appeal on the road wherever you go.

A Superior Shine for Every Vehicle

Whether your fleet looks like tractor trailers or big trucks, our team is here to serve you. We deliver a customized cleaning solution to your fleet. With complete service, you can feel confident that your vehicles are ready to stand out for the right reasons… and last.

Our team specializes in service to trucks, trailers, and other large-scale vehicles. Using innovative technology, we help your fleet:

  • Maintain quality. With a routine fleet cleaning service, you’ll get longevity from your vehicles.
  • Improve performance. We remove the dirt, debris, and buildup that compromise the efficiency and functionality of your fleet.
  • Support your reputation. You want your professional business image to follow your brand everywhere you go – and we help you make it happen.

Innovative Fleet Washing

Your vehicles log the miles for your business – but they never have to travel the distance for their fleet washing solution. Our team delivers an in-house service that brings a superior cleaning solution to your property.

We use an industry-leading truck-mounted system that brings out the best in your fleet. With this innovative cleaning solution, our team will:

  • Pressure wash to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the wide open road
  • Detail clean to ensure that every corner of your vehicle shines
  • Degrease to remove stubborn and harmful buildup
  • Inspect to pinpoint potential problem areas, so you can stay on top of maintenance

Make Fleet Washing Routine

Our team makes your fleet washing maintenance plan simple with our ongoing service schedule. It’s simple: after assessing the wear, use, and purpose of your fleet, we’ll recommend an ongoing service schedule that will keep your mobile curb appeal at its best. The rest is easy. At pre-determined dates, we come to you. And your fleet shines!

With the proper care, your trucks and trailers should be well-prepared to last for the long run. Your fleet should be a valued – and valuable – part of your business model, and we honor that. Get the best in quality and convenience with Exterior Surface Cleaning. And experience a whole new level of success from every vehicle!


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