Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Benefits From Pan to Table

We keep your kitchen functioning smoothly, so your front-end can be the portrait of success! Exterior Surface Cleaning, LLC partners with the food industry to bring you the best in hood cleaning and restaurant cleaning solutions.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a clean, safe, and sanitary workplace to do what they do best: Serve diners with an appetite.

We achieve this through a service that includes:
  • Hood, duct, and fan cleaning
  • Grease and oil removal
  • Deep cleaning to removal all debris
  • Complete hood inspection
  • Scrubbing to project a professional appearance

Specialized Hood Cleaning

Your kitchen hood presents unique cleaning challenge. It gets used relentlessly – and it doesn’t take long for buildup to accumulate. What’s more, this grime can pose a threat to the sanitation and safety of your building. We’re up to the challenge. Our hood and restaurant cleaning solution utilizes:

  • Hot pressure washing and steam cleaning technology
  • An approach that complies with local and federal fire and safety codes
  • Trained, certified, and qualified professionals
  • Detail-oriented cleaning to remove all buildup

Fire hazards don’t belong in any eating establishment. We’re proud to be a reliable resource for restaurants who want a safe and clean place to bring their diners the best in service – and the strongest results.

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